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Reach students in their study courses, the medium with which they spend most of their time.

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Reach your target group

Communicate directly by targeted advertising in the study courses, the medium on which students spend most of their time and reach exactly the profiles you want, based on rich profile data.

Through our free printing & delivery service, all students, regardless of their financial and social backgrounds, have access to the best study medium: paper.

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Why do partners work with us?

Long exposure

Students spend twice as much time in their courses than on social media.

Targeted advertising

Reach exactly the students you need and leave out the other ones.

High focus

No scrolling or swiping. Students are highly concentrated when studying.

Goodwill creation

Have a positive relationship with students on a sustainable way. 

Valuable media channel

Study courses are personal and valuable for your audience.


Students attend classes, takes notes and study their courses multiple times.

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The budget you’ll need to reach your audience effectively depends on your specific target group, campaign duration and campaign type. Although we follow a standard way to calculate the budgets, all partnerships are tailor made.

Give us your briefing and we will make the best possible plan based on our years of experience working with students and our different media channels.

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