How to reach students effectively? From print, online to direct mail, we offer several ways to reach the students effectively.


Be part of the study course

Paper is the best medium for a high level of understanding and retention of a material.

So it's not surprising that 92% of students prefer to study on paper. This preference leads to a significant volume of printed course materials.

With Zerocopy, you can seamlessly integrate targeted ads into these materials, reaching a highly engaged audience of students with tailored messages.


Interact digitally with the students

Our platform, where students create accounts and upload their documents for free printing, features a prominently placed online billboard that captures student attention.

This strategic ad placement, coupled with targeting capabilities, ensures that your messages resonate with the right students, driving higher click-through rates. Experience the power of targeted advertising and connect with a receptive audience.

Market research

Get to know your audience

Gain a deeper understanding of your brand's impact on students through tailored surveys conducted on the Zerocopy platform.

We'll help you gather valuable feedback on your campaigns, products, and overall student experience.

Let us connect you directly to this demographic and transform their insights into actionable strategies.


Increase the conversion of your campaign

Directly connect with your ideal student audience by leveraging our email marketing possibilities. We target students based on studies, demographics, and other features, ensuring your message reaches the right eyes at the most opportune moment.

Whether it's promoting a new product or sharing relevant career opportunities, our targeted emails will drive conversions and enhance your brand presence among the right audience.

Field marketing

Be on the campus

Reach the hearts and minds of students with our effective field marketing campaigns. Our student-led teams strategically distribute promotional materials and samples across campuses, directly engaging with students in their daily routines.

From introducing new products to highlighting exclusive deals, our campaigns generate excitement and drive engagement, fostering a positive connection between your brand and this demographic.

Direct mailing

Deliver your message at home

Leveraging our direct mailing service, you can reach students at their doorsteps. With Zerocopy Delivery, we seamlessly integrate your promotional materials, samples, or vouchers into the course packages that students receive directly through post.

This highly personalized approach ensures your message lands right in front of students, making a lasting impression and effectively driving engagement.


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