Project Manager


Project Manager

The City Manager Program is a group of students across Belgium responsible for the advertising of Zerocopy towards students. The job of a City Manager is to make sure that all students from their city know Zerocopy and print their courses for free. They are the frontline of Zerocopy. The job of the Project Manager is to make sure the CM achieve their mission and oversee the operation across Belgium while being the single point-of-contact for the City Managers.

The mission of the Project Manager

  • Recruit/lay off CM for all main Belgian cities
  • Manage and support the CM in their mission
  • Improve the effectiveness of the CM program by setting goals, coming with new ideas, updating the processes, ...
  • Take over all communication between CM and Zerocopy
  • Report on the evolution of our CM marketing campaign
  • Collect feedback from CM and students
  • Be involved in other aspects of the company (HR, marketing, logistics, …)

The rebel we’re looking for

  • You are fluent in English and native in either French or Dutch
  • You study a bachelor or a master. 
  • You can work at least once a week in our office in Brussels. 

But above all:

  • You have a can-do attitude: you take ownership, work independently and take initiative. 
  • You are willing to learn. You will experience a lot of new things: hiring a team, managing people, analysing costs and revenues, … Learning is part of our culture, and we are looking for people that are eager to learn.
  • You are structured and have good communication skills. Open and direct communication is your bread and butter.
  • You know how to give and receive feedback, and make something of it!
  • You have a win-win mindset
  • You want to make a change, have a positive impact in society!


From September 2022 to June 2023.

Start your career!

Zerocopy is an ambitious scale-up where we work hard to exceed our own limitations.

  • Being part of Zerocopy, it’s Having a flexible schedule. You choose which days you work.
  • Being responsible and independent from the start Not your usual student job.
  • You will learn valuable skills that we’ll make this experience worth putting on your CV.
  • Being part of a scaling story and having a positive social impact.


Application process

Scaling up is all about the right people on the right places! That’s why we put a lot of effort in our recruitment process:

  • Round 1: Apply!
  • Round 2: 5min screening call to check the vibe
  • Round 3: 1-hour interview and assessment to get to know you 

Tip: just be yourself! If this mission is for you, the process will say so. If it’s not for you, the process will say so too. Trust yourself, trust the process! Good luck!



You work 1 day per week at €12/hour. 

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