City Manager


City Manager

In order to grow our social impact, we want Zerocopy to be known by all the students! Therefore, we are looking for students who want to help Zerocopy grow through our City Manager Program. In each Belgian city, a student represents Zerocopy in its own local student community. 

Zerocopy is all about growing and learning. If you want to have a strong head-start in team management and improve your leadership skills, this position is for you! Bear in mind, this is not your average student job!

As a City Manager, you and your team are the frontline of Zerocopy! Your task is to spread the word about Zerocopy to help students reduce their education costs. You have the opportunity to make a positive change in your student community. 

Are you a rebel at heart? Do you want to fight for more affordable education? Do you have leadership in you? Then get in touch!

The mission of a City Manager

Be the voice of Zerocopy in your city

As a City Manager, you will be responsible for the promotional actions of Zerocopy in your city. You will build and manage a team, locate opportunities and act on them while managing your marketing budget allocated to you. You'll be in close contact with the Project Leader to make sure everything runs smoothly and to give/receive feedback.

Your main tasks will be: 

  • Hire/enlist a team of students
  • Manage this team to the best of your ability
  • Find the best spots in your city
  • Assign your team, your promotional material and your budget to the different promotional actions
  • Lead the promotional actions
  • Be active in the student community
  • Grow the Zerocopy community

Scale your own career

  • Gain experience in a management position
  • Boost your CV with a relevant working experience 
  • Have a real impact on Zerocopy and the student community

The rebel we’re looking for

  • Outgoing Zerocopy lover
  • Initiative taker who can work independently
  • The street is your playground, you're not afraid to reach out to people
  • Willing to gain experience and work in a scale-up 

What we offer

  • A valuable working experience
  • Flexible hours
  • Manager of your own work
  • A positive impact on the student community 
  • The vibrant environment of a scale-up
  • An impactful job on Zerocopy growth


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