You want to join a Belgian scale-up making a difference in the field of education?
You want to keep learning and experience the entrepreneurial life? 

Let's lower the financial barriers to higher education!

Did you know that...

...through Zerocopy, the Belgian students already saved €1.000.000 on their educational budgets? This is only the beginning as we are growing fast (+100% last year)!

We are looking for rebels to join our cause! We have full time positions for young graduates, student jobs and internships. Do you want to fight for more affordable education? Do you have leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset? Then get in touch!

The Zerocopy culture

We work in a dynamic environment, where every individual takes ownership, strive for better and continuously learns! 

Flexibility & responsibility

Manager of our own work, we are critical towards our own results. Zerocopy grants lot a of trust, flexibility and freedom which need to be handle responsibly. 

Independent leaders

We are doers! At Zerocopy we create independent leaders that take initiative and think proactively. We expect everyone to show off ones entrepreneurial side and take action.

Personal communication & immediate impact

Everyone is involved in the company's growth. We all have a direct impact on Zerocopy, and most importantly on the students. 


Always learning, always growing

Every obstacle is opportunity. Working at Zerocopy is a journey of self-development. We encourage each other to find solutions and grow every day. 

What we believe in

Investing in education is investing in our future

The upcoming generation will mean a great deal in solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Investing in their education is basically investing in the fundamentals of our future. What the Zerocopy community does, is enabling the future workforce to develop themselves. Knowledge is power, and a privilege. Zerocopy wants to support our future generations in their quest for knowledge.


Without the support of our partners, Zerocopy wouldn’t be possible. It’s these organizations that love to get in touch with our student community and it’s these companies that make student courses just that more interesting! Our partners allow us to do fun competitions and further build our community.

Together for a win-win

With Zerocopy we have created a community for both students and advertisers. We want to leverage this community to create a beneficial situation for both sides. By forming the bridge between the two and connecting relevant brands with students and vice versa we can create little and big wins for everyone.

Sustainable printing

With over 12 million pages printed per year, we always keep a sustainable goal in mind. We use a lighter form of paper which is made out of the fast growing Eucalyptus tree from sustainable managed forests. As a result of all these conscious choices, our paper has all the highest European sustainability labels. Next to the choice of paper, we only allow our students to print recto-verso and we minimize waste by limiting the number of pages they can print.

I chose Zerocopy for its social purpose. As a young grad, I wanted my first job to be meaningful and to get up for every day. 

Nina @ Zerocopy

Zerocopy is an environment where you can learn and grow as an individual. I learned a lot about sales and my working style. 

Olivier @ Zerocopy

Application process

Scaling up is all about the right people on the right places! That’s why we put a lot of effort in our recruitment process:

Round 1: Fill out our Zerocopy Application Form.
Round 2: A 5 to 10min screening call to check the vibe.
Round 3: A 45 to 60min 'who interview' where we want to get know you more in detail.
Round 4: Assignment & presentation.
Round 5: Reference check calls.
Round 6: Assessment center!

Tip: just be yourself! If this mission is for you, the process will say so. If it’s not for you, the process will say so too. Trust yourself, trust the process! Good luck!


Kantersteen 10
1000 Brussels