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Our dream? Building a Free University for All; a worldwide platform with many free educational services that help millions of students with their education.

We believe education is the most important investment in our future and should be accessible to everyone, regardless of socio-economic background.

Our cause is making education affordable.

In order to keep our educational services free, we set-up win-win partnerships with top brands and top employers.

Today, most advertising budget are used to make youngsters addicted to their phone. We believe advertising budgets aimed at reaching students, should flow back to the student community in the form of free educational services.

Our entrepreneurial mindset

We believe in for-profit entrepreneurship to achieve maximum impact on our cause. 

Entrepreneurship, in the sense of creating new things that others think impossible, taking ownership, always be looking for win-win scenarios for all stakeholders, creating our own rules rather than following those of others, … is something we all share at Zerocopy.

Realizing the impossible

Building a Free University is quite a big goal. Most don’t believe it is possible, but to some people it totally makes sense. Those are the people we are looking for.


Big dreams can only be realized by a collective of leaders working together as a sports team, taking ownership of their performance and the shared mission.


In essence, our role is to bring people together in win-win scenarios where everyone gains from the relationship. 


Own rules

Everyone, from intern to CEO, from new joiner to most seasoned Zerocopy Rebel, has a say in how we operate. Everyone has a vote! 

For classic money-driven companies, our culture is too human centered, too purpose driven, too family-like. While for NGOs, our model is too commercial, our culture has too much “business”.

Working at Zerocopy is a vehicle for professional and personal growth. Next to professional trainings, we organize companywide leadership & self-development trainings and we actively support everyone on their growth path.

We believe that creating a safe environment for direct constructive feedback is the fastest way to grow as individuals and as a team.

We are Rebels with a cause!

We rebel against expensive education that creates social and financial inequalities.

We rebel against advertising budgets spent without having any positive social impact.

We are rebels at heart, that don’t accept the world as it is and actually do something about it.

A collective of eagles

Have you seen the video on leadership, ducks and eagles? Well, we are all eagles. We fly independently to achieve more together. Our team is duck-free, we are simply too rebellious and ambitious for that.

Why do we only work with eagles? Quite simple! We are a small, dedicated team and we rely on one another. Like in a collective, everyone has responsibilities early on, and being able to deal with these responsibilities while collaborating is very important. Accordingly, when decisions need to be made, we take into account everyone’s opinion.


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