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Zerocopy enables students to print their courses for free. All they have to do is register on zerocopy.be, upload their courses and go to one of the Zerocopy Print Locations or get their documents delivered at home. This free printing service is made possible through advertising in the courses and on our website.

It’s an easy process:

  1. Register: click on the registration button and make an account.
  2. Confirm: you have received a confirmation link in your inbox, click on it and you are good to go!
  3. Complete: complete 20 profile questions, so we can give you relevant ads
  4. Upload: You select the PDF’s you would like to print in your pc and click on start upload.
  5. Print your documents for free: Go to the nearest Zerocopy Printing Location or Order your Documents with the Zerocopy Delivery Service. At a location: Log in on the Zerocopy computer or printer touchscreen with your username and password. Select the documents you need and hit print!

Zerocopy printing is for free! The advertisers pay for your prints! How cool is that?

Uploading documents

If you can’t upload a certain PDF or the PDF does not convert to ‘Ready to print’ within 1 hour, you can download and install PDF24Creator on your PC to remake your PDF and upload it again. Just open PDF24 Creator on your PC, drag your PDF into PDF24 Creator and save it again with PDF24 Creator. That new PDF should upload just fine! It’s magic!

The upload limit of a single document is 20 MB. The total limit of documents uploaded to your account is 500 MB. If you already uploaded lots of documents, you might want to delete some of the ones you have already printed. This will make sure everything works faster and better. You can also reduce file size via online tools like this one and upload your compressed file.

  1. Try to compress your PDF via a free online tool like this one and re upload the compressed file
  2. Split your PDF into smaller parts via an online tool like this one
  3. If you make PDFs yourself, minimize the images and remove any unnecessary ones.


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