Updates - January 21

The year has just started and we have great news for you. Discover all the updates for 2021!

New type of documents

From now on you will be able to upload two new document formats to Zerocopy: doc and docx. This means that you will be able to upload your documents from Microsoft Word without export it to PDF before. However this feature is experimental and we encourage you to review your documents before print it using our “Preview” feature (you can click on document name to open the preview) to check if everything is fine to be printed. Our process could do small changes to the format of your document and maybe that changes are not good for you.

Sharing system

Zerocopy will provide a sharing document system to be able to provide a public library of documents to you, everyone will be able to share their documents with the community and everyone will be able to add these documents to their accounts to be able to print it. You will be able to see documents to check if could be interesting for you.

All the documents will be organized by university and categories (like summaries or past exams), if you feel that we need more filter options we are open to hear your ideas.


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