The financial impact of the 2nd lockdown on students

Covid-19 has been troubling our lives for a while now, and students had to change lots of their habits due to financial instability.

How students dealt with the lockdown

After having interviewed hundreds of students during the 2nd lockdown, we have come to conclusions that professionals of marketing and human resources might find interesting.

Financially, the pandemic has drastically impacted the students’ financial situation. According to our survey, 48% of the students queried have confessed that the lockdown has been impacting their finances.

36% of them even explicitly assessed that they were dealing with money issues because of the situation.

Why so much trouble?

Well first of all, because they increasingly find it difficult to have and/or perform a student job.

Indeed, as results show, one student on 10 assess having lost their job during the pandemic. From those who still have one, 1/3 cannot perform it.

This obviously leads some of them to financial issues. It’s therefore not a shock to discover that 40% of the students who responded announced that their income has decreased during the second lockdown.

Even in terms of grocery shopping, habits have changed. According to the survey, more than 1 student on two assess to go less often to the grocery shop than before.

It doesn’t mean that they buy more when they go, it’s actually all the contrary. 54% of the students doing their grocery shopping announced to not buy more when they go.

Moreover, analyses show that they tend to be careful with their spendings and more than 1/3 express ordering less food than before the 2nd lockdown. Instead, it seems like they are cooking more.

Zerocopy, an effective way to reduce educational costs

Fortunately, Zerocopy is here to help them reducing their educational expenses. By offering them free printing and delivery services, students can spare money. That’s why we offer them credits, especially during these times.

The money spared will therefore be used for some other important things and it’s all thanks to our partners.

If you want to help the students and reach tem, Zerocopy is the way for you to do advertising! 


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