Print media, still for 2022?

Over the years digital media has been growing exponentially. For lots of us it has become a part of our daily lives. In this digital era is there still room for print media?

Why you should keep printing

Because of the increase in digital media consumption we have become less attentive to it. Research shows that when we read on digital platforms we tend to ‘scan’ the text, which results in lower overall focus, less remembrance and little to no comprehension of the context.

Besides our digital media consumption, the usage of traditional print media like magazines, brochures, etc. also rose. A research by Wardour with over 2001 consumers of 18 to 35 years old shows that over 75% of youngsters read at least one magazine per month.

Additionally 54% of both millennials and generation Z found it easier to concentrate on a print medium while 25% said they find print media more trustable than online media. This study has been backed up by several neuroscience researches that proof reading on paper increases our comprehension of the content.

When reading a printed item you don’t have to scroll, swipe or click away any pop-up ads. Reading a print medium is easier to remember because it’s a full experience. You get to sit back and take in the information at ease. No distractions, just you and this wonderful tangible medium. Maybe you could get some real cookies to complete the experience?

A more memorable experience?

Now of course, we’re not saying you should completely ditch every digital channel. It’s about finding a balance and combining both your online and offline channels into a 360° experience. All we’re saying is that you should definitely not abandon offline media.

Compare direct mail and e-mail for example. Nowadays we get flooded with e-mails. Few of them relevant to what we’re actually looking for. Few of them are actually fully read, in fact most of them get read only by subject line.

When we get something in our regular mail it instantly feels more personal. You get to open the envelope curiously for what’s inside. It’s an exciting and engaging feeling we no longer have with online media.

Print media also lasts longer. Lots of people keep magazines or letters to read them back later. When they see an advertisement or an offer relevant for them they can just look back at it whenever they desire. Perhaps they even share it with their friends who are also interested in the same subject.

All in one

So how do you combine the best of both worlds? Your print medium can be used to engage your ideal customer. Relevant and useful content on print can feed other media channels.

For example you can use QR codes at the bottom of your article to drive visitors to your website. You can embed your social hashtags or simply combine the content of your article with an online competition. Redirect posters to microsites, or business cards to LinkedIn profiles. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, consumers like advertisements to be three things at least: relevant, entertaining and interactive. Not just a ‘Hey buy this now’ or ‘click here’. All the different interactions your consumers have with your brand should tell one coherent story leading to a climax. Which is a solution for your consumers problem.

Zerocopy is confident to say print media is not dead. We just have to learn how to use it in harmony with the all the other existing media channels. This classic medium provides so much opportunities to really engage with your audience. If you want to advertise to a young audience on a medium that truly makes an imprint, you can always contact us (


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