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"Student years were the best" is something you've probably heard from parents, uncles, or any other older folks. But hey, they might be onto something! As someone who graduated three years ago, I can vouch for the fact that student life was a blast. These years were a mix of carelessness, learning, and a whole lot of discovery. I even have this weird feeling like my study years are some unfinished business, thanks to Covid stealing the last months of this fabulous period. So, with my studies done and a few years of post-graduation wisdom under my belt, I decided to gather up some advice I wish I'd had when I was still a student. If you're still rocking that student status, listen up, because this one's for you!

Take Your Sweet Time

When it comes to your student journey, remember to take your time and savor every moment of it. Don't be afraid to hit the reset button on something if it's not making you happy, whether it's a homework assignment, a project, or your studies in general. Trust me, you won't regret it, pinky promise! As I mentioned earlier, being a student is like that magical unicorn of life stages. Having more of it? Well, that's never a bad thing!

Make Friends Like It's Your Job

You've heard the phrase "uni friends are forever," right? Well, there's some truth to that. The friendships you build during your student life are like the Avengers of your social circle. High school is finally in the rearview mirror, and now you're in a brand-new world with more people than you can shake a stick at, all waiting to be your new BFF. In this ginormous sea of faces, you'll find folks with the same interests as you, along with some delightfully crazy personalities. Studies have even shown that making new friends equals more happiness. So, don't shy away from expanding your social horizons; university is the perfect place to meet some of the best friends you'll have for life.

Put Some Elbow Grease Into Your Studies

Now, let's talk about the study part. We get it; sometimes it's tough to find the motivation for a project or hit the books. But here's a secret from someone who managed to improve their grades year after year: the satisfaction you get from your progress is like a warm and fuzzy hug for your brain. I'm not here to brag (okay, maybe just a little), but to show you how much joy putting in effort can bring. Whether it's nailing a presentation or acing an exam, watching your hard work pay off is incredibly satisfying. And if your motivation is taking a nosedive, don't forget that you can always lean on friends or organizations like student support for some much-needed help.

Enjoy the Ride

Being a student is like walking a tightrope between studying and having fun. It's that magical time when you're old enough to do whatever you want but not quite buried under a mountain of adult responsibilities. That's why most folks adore this period. You're young, free, and not accountable for much. So, milk it for all it's worth! Dive into your studies, but also make sure you leave room for a gazillion activities that you won't have time for later—going out, picking up a new sport, trying your hand at a craft, or even traveling. This is your golden ticket to have your cake and eat it too.

So, there you have it—your student years are like a treasure chest of adventures waiting to be unlocked. Embrace the madness, learn lots, make tons of friends, and remember to surf through the wave of life with a big ol' grin on your face! 🏄‍♀️🎉


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