10 GenZ-approved teambuildings

You are welcoming your first GenZ workers? You want to give them a warm welcome? Here is a list of great teambuilding ideas.

Teambuilding is the organization of activities where cooperation between team members is central. The goal is to enhance group dynamics and efficiency of the team. Teambuilding activities can boost creativity and problem-solving skills. You might even discover new aspects or talents of someone you didn’t expect to see!

Additionally teambuilding is a way to let team members bond and connect over shared experiences. By bringing people together across departments you create a sense of unity. You want your team to work together towards the same vision. By breaking out of the formal context employees get to know each other which builds trust among and between teams. Which in return results in increased productivity and motivation.

To help you put together a fun teambuilding event we made up a list with 10 simple but amusing activities to do with your team!


  • Game of possibilities

This is an easy but fun game you can play with employees from different departments to boost creativity and innovation. The idea is that you take a random object and pass it around. When you receive the object you have to come up with a creative idea to use it for and pitch it to the group. In this game a regular pen could end up being a time-travel object!

  • Scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t like a scavenger hunt? This is a great way to get your team working together to solve problems. To organize a scavenger hunt you need some random objects again. You can hide these in your office or somewhere outside if you want to. Then divide your employees into teams (or have them work all together for small groups) and give them a list with the items to find. Every item has a clue that guides them to the next item. To make the hunt more challenging you can come up with group assignments they have to do before attaining an object.

  • Workshop

A workshop is always a nice thing to do. You can do a work-related workshop to professionally develop your team or something unrelated such as a painting class or a cooking workshop. Either way, attending workshops together builds a bond. It’s always good to go beyond the office vibes and try something totally new together.

  • Escape room

Escape rooms are incredibly fun to do. Your team gets to work together in a race against the clock to solve riddles, mysteries and find a way out. This brings your team closer together with a shared experience to never forget.

  • Grab a drink together

The best way to get to know your employees and bond is to grab a drink together. Go to a non-work environment and talk about non-work subjects. Especially with small teams this is a great way to build a tradition. Use it to celebrate or just to finish up your week and chat up with each other.

  • Murder mystery dinner

Another fun way to enhance your team dynamics is to let them solve a murder mystery over dinner. Through the different courses the mystery will be unraveled by your team putting together the different clues. What better way to get to know each other than to solve a murder together.

  • Hackathon

Hackathons originate from when programmers and developers ‘hacked’ problems in sprints together. Nowadays it is also used to tackle problems in businesses or even society. To organize a hackathon you need a few problems or topics to work on.

 Let your employees choose their top 3 and make up teams based on that. Set a limited time to work on their projects. You can divide it into several rounds. A brainstorm round, a feedback round, a pitching round.

By the end of the day you select the winning project which you can maybe even implement in your business. The winner can be selected by internal or external judges or by the employees themselves.

  • Meet the partners night

Everybody is always talking about their partners and maybe even their children and it’s always fun when you actually get to meet them. This way everyone gets to introduce their partners at work while also showing their partners around at the place they work.

  • Nerf battle/laser tag/paintball

Of all teambuilding activities there is nothing cooler than a Nerf battle in your office! Nerfs are gun toys that fire foam darts. Something about this Rambo-office vibe makes your team let loose. When everybody becomes their true selves, you create a culture of trust. Which is exactly what you want to achieve by this office war, right?

  • Virtual reality experience

One of the latest and coolest additions in teambuilding activities is using VR. These gamified experiences can provide you insights in the way employees think. Besides, it’s fun for the whole team to experience this. Virtual reality is a new and amusing way to learn new things through experiences as the possibilities are almost endless.


Teambuilding is a great way to bring your team together and it’s actually really fun. If you want to get in some team spirit or want to encourage more internal communication then don’t hesitate any longer. Go do something fun with your employees and build your team!


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