About us.

Because education is the most important investment in our future, Zerocopy and its partners help to lower the barriers to higher education.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

Mission & vision

Education is the most important investment in our future and should be accessible for everyone. Zerocopy aims to lower the barriers to higher education.

Make education more affordable through offering educational services for students, made possible through win-win partnerships with companies and organizations.

Through our free printing & delivery service, we offer the best study medium to all students regardless of their financial and social backgrounds. Through Zerocopy, students save money on their essential educational expenses.

Meet the Zerocopy team!

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Maxime Carpentier


As a young worker, being in a dynamic environment and having a job with purpose is the best kick-start of a career. At Zerocopy, you find both and even more!

Nina Creplet

Partnership & marketing manager

Being passionate about CSR, green development and marketing, Zerocopy is the place for me to be! A unique opportunity to grow professionally while fighting for a noble cause, I don't see any issue in that.

Hector Valsamidis

Marketing Project Leader

Achieving our social goal in a sustainable way

We want to achieve our goals in the most sustainable way because we believe that every action, however small, has an impact on our society, our environment and our economy.

No poverty

Thanks to Zerocopy and all its partners, students save money on their essential educational expenses. Our social impact to date is 1.000.000EUR saved by the Belgian students.

Quality Education

Scientific research has shown that studying on paper leads to higher cognitive performance when compared to studying on screen. It also goes faster. Through Zerocopy, all students, regardless of their financial and social background have access to the best study medium and thus to better quality education.

Decent work and economic growth

By making quality education more accessible for everyone, more people will graduate with a degree. This leads to higher chances of finding decent work and leads to higher economic growth. In return, a higher educated population offers a better work force with higher spending power to support the economy.

Reduced inequalities

92% of all students prefer to study on paper. Among the 8% who prefers to study only on digital screens, the main reason is because of the high cost of printing. The financial background of these people, prevents them from access to the best study medium, which only increased inequalities. By offering a free printing service for students, we make sure everyone has access to the best study medium, which reduces these inequalities.

Responsible consumption and production

As a young and aware company, we want to achieve our social goal the most ecological way possible. Our paper is carefully selected. All courses are printed on FSC-labelled paper which means we follow the sustainable forestry guidelines. Did you know that our paper supplier actually plants more trees than they harvest?


By students. For students. 



Zerocopy is founded by 3 students from the Vlerick Business School who realize how important studying on paper is for students. And that companies have budget to communicate with this students but have hard to time to reach them.



Two of the founders leave Zerocopy to pursue other adventures. At the same time, Maxime joins.



The last founder decides to leave Zerocopy too, so Maxime takes over the company together with Duval Union.



There are +30 printers in retail shops around Belgium. Students love Zerocopy so much that some printers quickly run of paper and ink. Maxime decides to collaborate with copy shops which are specialized in printing.



Partnerships with copy shops is a success! Zerocopy doesn’t have its own printers anymore, and fully works hand in hand with the copy shops.



To make the service even better for students, Zerocopy Delivery is launched! From now on, students can order full color documents printed and delivered at home.



+100.000 students saved more than 1.000.000€ thanks to Zerocopy and all its partners. A great mile stone, but only the beginning since a new team joins to increase our impact on the student community!



Zerocopy continues growing and increasing its impact! Always looking for young talents willing to make education more affordable.


Kantersteen 10
1000 Brussels