Zerocopy guarantees your right on privacy and data protection according the Belgian law on the processing of personal data (Law of December 8th, 1992 – Protection of the personal atmosphere with regards to the processing of personal data).

The creation of an account on implies your explicit agreement with the way in which we use your personal data as indicated below


'Zerocopy' is a brand of

Studifix BVBA
Jean d'Ardennestraat 68,
1050 Brussels, Belgium,

and foresees an online platform that offers the opportunity to students to register and to print their courses for free to the extent that the printing credit reaches. This printing credit can be earned by the student by adding friends and filling out his or her profile online. Online and on the courses, and taking into account the profile of the student, an optimal match is made between the user (the student) and the advertiser (our clients who finances this service). The aim is to offer relevant advertising with the motto 'the right message to the right person'. is the central element in this service and the printing service can be found in local stores, varying per city and in cooperation with these stores. The personnel of these stores, does not make part of the Zerocopy team.


Zerocopy is responsible for the data and the processing of this data and monitors the correct use, anonymity and secrecy of the provided data.


The information you provide through our online platform, is used to create your account in the first place. All extra information is anonymously processed in an optimal advertising match or in market research data. Your email address serves in the first place as a double check to see if you are a real person, which is why you receive an activation link after registering. Second, we use your email address to inform you about our operational and internal changes when these affect your user experience and lastly we sometimes send you an message from one of our clients. You always have the opportunity to click below on the email on the link that says 'I don't want emails from Zerocopy anymore'.

In order to optimise our service and to detect bugs and analyse user experience difficulties, we keep track of the location, time and document that you printed.

Public sharing of your information

Zerocopy maintains the right to share your personal information to answer legal obligations, to guarantee our privacy policy and in order to be able to protect the information or security of others. Without any limitation of the above, Zerocopy will not share your personal information with the government, justice, police or external people without an official request, a court order or any other similar procedure, except in case Zerocopy is convinced that the publication of personal information is necessary to prevent physical damage or financial loss or wants to report a suspicion of illegal activities. This is the most optimal way to respect your privacy while at the same time guaranteeing a continuing system that refuses bad intentioned users.

Zerocopy guarantees that your personal data is not transferred, sold or rented out in any way to external parties than the one above mentioned. Your profile is protected as 'confidential' information.


When you register for a Zerocopy account you explicitly agree with your personal information being processed as mentioned in this Privacy statement.


Zerocopy is committed to take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal information against loss, destruction, unintended changes, damages or publication.

Right of access and improvement of your data

The Belgian law on processing of personal data foresees the opportunity to inquire or change on your personal data. Via you can reach us for all elements mentioned in this privacy statement.

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