Graduate Program: Sales Track


Graduate Program: Sales Track

Become a rebel and fight for affordable education!

At Zerocopy, it’s all about education. So we focus a lot on training and educating our own teams. That’s why we decided to set up our Graduate Program: Sales Track. An intensive 18 month program that will turn you from graduate into business professional.

We know the sales drill and we'll teach you how it works! In no time, you'll be in touch with your own bunch of partners willing to support our mission. You’ll learn everything about sales, play a crucial role in the management and growth of the company, learn a lot about entrepreneurship and  peer coaching.

Through our Graduate Program, you'll kick-start your career, you’ll learn skills that will support you throughout your whole career and you’ll be ready to move-up within Zerocopy, or outside of Zerocopy! 

Are you a rebel at heart? Do you want to fight for more affordable education? Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? Then get in touch!

The mission of a Sales Trainee

The program starts with a Sales Bootcamp: a thrilling and challenging month with a very steep learning curve. The goal of this bootcamp? A crash course in sales to get you going asap and verify if this career path is for you.

Once you survived our Sales Bootcamp, your training continues! Your mission as Sales Trainee is to attract new partners and become a profitable team member! Go all-in during the sales trainings, work consistently, trust the process and you will reach your personal break-even point in 4 to 6 months!

Once a profitable team member, you’ll get extra management responsibilities. We are a small team of young leaders, so we divide all tasks amongst us. If  you prove you can handle it, responsibility is coming your way!

Learn the skills & art of sales through our sales trainings

  • Identify & qualify potential partners
  • Get in touch with potential partners through e-mail and calls
  • Present Zerocopy to potential partners
  • Prepare the partnership for the Account Executive

Scale-up Management responsibilities

  • Based on your interests, skills & progress, you'll push Zerocopy forward, managing your own part of the company.
  • Some of the management positions: B2C Marketing, B2B Marketing, Zerocopy City Managers program, Zerocopy Ambassador program, Recruitment, Operations, ...

Overview of the Graduate Program

The Graduate Program consist of 6 blocks of 3 months. Each block has specific trainings, goals and metrics. Every block of 3 months is concluded with a Career Development Talk, which is turned into your personal Career Development Plan for the next 3 months.

  • Months 1-3: Training phase
    • Bootcamp
    • External & internal sales training
  • Months 4-6: Becoming a profitable crew member
    • Focus on getting your weekly metrics
    • Closing your first partnerships
    • Become a profitable crew member
  • Months 7-9: Management responsibilities
    • Manage your funnel from A to Z
    • Management responsibilities
  • Months 10-12: Promotion time!
    • Based on your performance, we have 3 promotion levels. Which level will you get after 12 months?
  • Months 13-15: New trainees joining!
    • Focus on getting to promotion level 3
    • Onboarding & coaching of the new trainees
  • Months 16-18: Graduation time!
    • Will you promote within Zerocopy? Sales or marketing team?
    • Will you spread your wings and launch your own company?
    • Will you jump to another ship with your newly acquired skills?

The rebels we are looking for

  • You are freshly graduated with a  bachelor or master degree (or will be soon).
  • You are fluent in English and native in either French or Dutch.

But above all:

  • You’re a rebel at heart.
  • You are an eagle and not a duck (watch video here).
  • You are eager to learn the skills & art of sales. 
  • You have an entrepreneurial can-do attitude.
  • You have very good verbal and written communication skills.
  • You are always willing to learn more and make progress.
  • You are well organized and structured.
  • You are a good listener and you embrace feedback.

Scale your own career!

Zerocopy is an ambitious scale-up with triple-digit growth. We’re a place for young entrepreneurial minds. Driven by our passion to make education more affordable, we work hard to exceed our own limitations.

  • A vibrant scale-up environment in the heart of Brussels (BeCentral)
  • An open-minded culture built around learning and developing yourself and the team
  • You manage your own work: you’ll have freedom & responsibility from the start
  • Being part of the scaling story is not only thrilling, it’s also a boost for your career
  • You’ll create your own growth opportunities within Zerocopy
  • A salary package that increases rapidly based on your progress and performance

Wow, the above is sooo serious, we would almost forget the biggest reason to join us: we have fun! Drinks, dinners, Hercules Trophy, yearly ski trip, BeCentral parties, and so on… 

Application process

Scaling up is all about the right people on the right places! That’s why we put a lot of effort in our recruitment process:

  • Round 1: Apply!
  • Round 2: 30min confcall to check the vibe
  • Round 3: 3h assessment in our office

Our goal is to complete the whole process within 1 week.

Tip: just be yourself! If this mission is for you, the process will say so. If it’s not for you, the process will say so too. Trust yourself, trust the process! Good luck!

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